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New News,Wall Papers
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Today's news : we ripped the old guy in the yu-gi-oh
store. we bought 7 soul of the duelists packs witch is 35 dollars and we got those best cards.3 ultra rares,1 super rare and 3 rares. 2 of the ultra rares were Mystic Swordsman LV4. one was 60 bucks but the other one was 130 bucks. one was super gold rare card. so all together,it was 300 bucks. He tried to rip me off and he was happy,sudennly he got a huge rip off.i ripped him off by 270 bucks. If you guys want to try, it's called gambling. Good luck. 23/10/2004.


Or I might include a link to a web site about another actor whose work I also admire: